SPARQL Endpoint

Access the DCAT metadata desciptions and their respective quality assessments via a SPARQL endpoint.

The endpoint API is located at

Available Graphs

The following versions (/snapshots) of the datasets are available as named graphs:

Example Queries

Select all portals that describe transportation data, i.e., portals holding datasets that use "transportation" as a keyword:

select distinct(?p)
from <>
where {
  ?p dcat:dataset ?d.
  ?d a dcat:Dataset.
  ?d dcat:keyword "transportation".

List all organizations at the Austrian data portal and the average availability of contact email addresses in the dataset descriptions:

select ?orga avg(?v) as ?emailmetric
from <>
where {
  <> dcat:dataset ?d .
  ?d dct:publisher ?o .
  ?o foaf:name ?orga .
  ?d dqv:hasQualityMeasurement ?m .
  ?m dqv:isMeasurementOf pwq:ContactEmail .
  ?m dqv:value ?v .
group by ?orga


PREFIX dcat: <>
PREFIX dqv: <>
PREFIX prov: <>
PREFIX csvw: <>
PREFIX pwq: <>