WU Open Data Portal
WU lectures, rooms and organizations is an Open Data portal where you can find data about lectures, rooms and organizations at WU.
121 datasets
Open Data Portal Watch
Monitoring & exposing portals' metadata
Open Data Portal Watch assesses the evolution of the (meta) data quality of about 260 Open Data portals over since September 2014.
259 portals
Enabling Spatio-temporal search in Open Data
Spatio-temporal labelling of datasets
Annotation of datasets found on Open Data catalogs and their respective metadata descriptions to enable structured, spatio-temporal search.
CSV Engine
Search & enrich CSVs
The CSV Engine is a collection of tools and services for processing and enriching CSV files.
DBpedia Wayback Machine
Extract past DBpedia versions
The DBpedia Wayback Machine aims at providing the wayback functionality for DBpedia based on the revisions of their Wikipedia article.
Jupyter Notebook Server
Programming & Documentation
Notebook documents are documents which contain both computer code (e.g. python) and human-readable rich text elements.
Only available within local WU Vienna network
Open Data Assistant
Multilingual search chatbot for Open Data
The assistant supports cross-lingual search by integrating metadata of 7 open data portals in 7 different languages. Metadata mapping and re-publishing of metadata descriptions
Allows search engines the integration of datasets from Open Data portals in the Open Data Portal Watch.