Geo-semantic labelling of Open Data

This is a project by the Institute for Information Business at WU Vienna (Vienna University of Economics and Business). The aim of this work is to detect and establish links to geo-entities in the datasets found on Open Data catalogs and their respective metadata descriptions and link them to a knowledge graph of geo-entities. This knowledge graph is constructed by integrating and interlinking

  • the openly available geospatial datarepository GeoNames
  • the map service OpenStreetMap
  • country-specific sets of postal codes
  • the European Union’s classificationsystem NUTS
This base knowledge graph is used to add semantic labels to the open datasets, i.e., we heuristically disambiguate the geo-entities in CSV columns using the context of the labels and the hierarchical graph structure of our base knowledge graph.

Currently, this showcase user interface contains CSV tables from four Open Data portals:

This is a research project and we try to add more features and fix bugs. Any feedback, bug reports, and other comments are very welcome.